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Our Therapists

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Dawn Schonberg

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

The system of Chinese Medicine is based on “Being in Harmony with Nature”.  If there is dis-ease or dis-comfort, it is only because the body is out of balance (not in harmony).  What this means to me is that there is always a path one can take to get back into balance.  And not just any balance, but the balance that specifically suits their body, soul, and life.

Each treatment plan is created for the individual, taking into account lifestyle, habits, history, genetics, body type, etc.; no two are alike. This is how it is possible to really get to the root cause of imbalance, by getting personal.

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Kathryn Schmidt M.A.

Art Therapy & Counselling

Art therapy combines different art materials and directives to promote healing and help each individual achieve their therapeutic goals such as increased self-awareness and emotional regulation.

Kathryn combines a psychotherapeutic approach with art materials in order to engage and build a strong relationship with each client so they can reach their therapeutic goals.  No previous art experience is needed!


Jennifer Naples CYT

Thai Massage & Yoga Therapy

Thai Massage is a practice combining gentle stretch, massage techniques, pressure points and joint mobility to directly address the nervous system, emotions and energy systems in the body. Stagnancy is removed, returning your body and emotional state back to its natural rhythm, significantly improving your physical, mental and emotional well being.


Thai Massage is highly effective with: chronic pain, depression, body alignment, migraines, sports injury and emotional trauma.


Allison Woods

M.Ost Med, DO, ND, RCST

Craniosacral Therapy

Sorry - Not taking appointments at this time.

Craniosacral treatment sessions involve a light listening touch on various parts of the body while clients lay in a calm, restful atmosphere.

Allison finds progress in the most challenging of cases. Successful in treating concussions, chronic injury patterns, stress and anxiety, emotional trauma, headaches, colic in infants, adrenal fatigue, prenatal/postnatal. 

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