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Please note: we have experienced a fire and are currently working in alternate locations until further notice. Please see Contact page for locations. Thank~you.

Breathe in....Slowly, Gently, Deeply... Breathe Out.

Breathe Health Collective, is a group of knowledgeable and compassionate, independent health professionals, who together create a dedicated and supportive healing environment for your physical, mental & emotional health needs.

Our nature inspired, riverside Clinic in the heart of downtown Courtenay awaits you!


440 Anderton Ave  Downtown Courtenay, BC

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A massage like no other


    Thai Massage


Opening the flow of your energy

Acupuncture &       


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.19.16

Journey with your nervous system



Reiki Treatment

Healing creatively

Art Therapy &


White Candles

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Speak directly with the Therapist

Thai Massage & Yoga Therapy - Jennifer Naples                250 - 218 - 9809

Acupuncture & TCM - Dawn Schonberg                             250 - 465 - 0886

Art Therapy & Counselling - Kathryn Schmidt                   250 - 204 - 7455

Craniosacral Therapy - Ally Woods                                   250 - 650 - 3679

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From your yoga mat to your life

Yoga Classes &

       Yoga Therapy

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